Malvern U3A Geology Group

Technical Presentation Guidelines for Speakers


Our presentation equipment consists of:



Most of our speakers produce their talks as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and this does not normally result in any problems.


However we have experienced problems when presentations have been produced on MAC computers even though they appear to be compatible PowerPoint files.


We need to receive your presentation a few days in advance and particularly if it has been produced on a MAC computer or is something different to PowerPoint. If this is not possible then we would ask that you arrive at least half an hour before the meeting to give us a chance to fix any problems. Unfortunately our past experience has been that in some cases it has still not been possible to sort out the problem in time leading to disappointment and embarrassment.


Alternatively we are happy for you to use your own laptop with our projector which has all the usual interface connectors (VGA/HDMI/USB). In this case please also bring your presentation on a memory stick as a fall back in case of any incompatibilities between your laptop and our projector.


Our meeting room is large and even though we have a large projection screen area it can be difficult to read small font text at the back of the room. Please therefore use the largest font possible.


Pictures and photographs should also be in the highest possible resolution to avoid pixilation appearing when projected onto the screen.


If you plan to use transparencies with an overhead projector or slides we will need to know well in advance so that we get the equipment ready.


If you have any queries or different requirements please let us know as soon as possible.


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