Procedure for Booking Rooms at Malvern Cube

1.    In the past there have been occasions when there have been problems with booking rooms at Malvern Cube, often when the booking has been made verbally with one of the helpers or on the telephone and has not ended up on Jon’s computer booking system.

2.    It is also important to understand that the diary that appears on the Malvern Cube web site NOT the official booking system and entries on it may only be indicative of an activity. The official system resides on Jon’s computer and is not visible or accessible via the internet.

3.    Members wishing to book a room should first approach Jon or one of his staff and enquire as to availability. Normally the staff do not have access to Jon’s system but will leave a message for him. If the enquiry is made to Jon himself then he may enter the booking onto his system if he is in his office.

4.    However this initial approach is made it should be regarded as a provisional booking.

5.    Members should then contact Dick Harris, who is the agreed geology group focal point for Cube room bookings, directly or by telephone but preferably by email. He will then formally make the booking using the on-line procedure agreed with Jon.

6.    Dick Harris will then confirm the booking has been made back to the member.

7.    Note that even though a formal booking has been made it will not necessarily appear on the Cube web diary. The only sure way to check a booking is to contact Jon himself.

8.    Contacts:

Dick Harris:   01886 880699;

Jon White:     01684 575363;